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Adam Watson

Age: 26

West Hartford, CT

Nordica Skis and Boots, Orange, Carinthia, Suburban Sports, The Studio, FACE, Think Steep Thoughts.

Home mountain: Ski Sundown/Carinthia Mount Snow

Years skiing; how were you introduced to skiing? I’ve been skiing for 14 years and snowboarded for 3. My whole family skis so I was luckily born into the sport!

What are your aspirations in skiing?
 I want to continually progress, keep skiing at new places, and produce video segments that are timeless.

What attracts you to freeskiing/filming?
 Everything! The people, the community, learning new things, being with your friends, creativity, feeling more free than ever! I enjoy filming skiing because it allows me to show the sport the way I like to see it. Everything about the skiing and snowboarding lifestyle gives us so much freedom.

Favorite moment skiing: I grew up skiing at Burke Mountain with my cousins, aunts, and uncles. When I went up top for the first time I was expecting to see the black diamonds, blue circles, and green squares on the snow on the ground. HAHA little did I know they were just trail signs on trees, I was really bummed out!

Hobbies beyond skiing? Skiing takes up all my time in the winter, but during the off season I love skating, surfing, swimming, cliff jumping, hanging with friends and family!